Why Work With Us

Equal opportunity
to everyone

Chemie-Tech is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and accessible workplace for all its employees. We believe that happy people work and deliver the best.

We at Chemie-Tech, are committed to doing all that we can to improve the work experience for all the team members. In order to live up to each team members standards and remain an employer of choice, we know we have to stand by our commitments whilst upholding our focus.

There is great value in the unique ideas that each employee brings to the workplace – be it education, cultural background or life experience. That comes down to identifying and using the talent of our team mates in all their diversity — experience, education, leadership, skill set and style. The focus at Chemie-Tech is for our teams to create a winning environment that inspires leadership, collaboration, personal accountability and always operates with the customer in mind.

While our leadership team is accountable for supporting our culture of inclusion, every team member is responsible for shaping the same.

Our Culture

Chemie-Tech combines the resources of a large, multinational firm with the attitude and culture of a small entrepreneurial business to provide employees with a unique working environment. New employees interact with and learn from experienced employees, while taking on many responsibilities early on in their career. These employees get to take a hands-on approach to problem solving, and they are trusted to manage their own time and workload. In short, CT gives employees the tools and latitude to perform to their highest potential.

Career Development

Chemie-Tech offers employees a rotation program which includes nine-to-twelve month rotations in field engineering, project management, and estimating. This program affords new employees an opportunity to work in several operational areas throughout the company and develop an understanding of the entire construction process.

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