Chemie-Tech specializes in all aspects of liquid storage facilities & work in conjunction with our client base to provide the level of expertise required in today’s ever-changing market. We have been serving multiple industries in all aspects of Storage Tanks for over a decade with our focus onto delivering projects in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. When you need a level of commitment & excellence, Chemie-Tech is the company to call!

We are the EXPERTS in engineering design, steel fabrication, field erection of new tank construction, tank maintenance and repair services. We design Tanks & Terminals in accordance with API 2610 Standards, optimized for flexibility to cater to your future requirements.

We use BOTTOM UP/JACK UP methodology for constructing large capacity storage tanks and execute the projects with the highest quality of workmanship in compliance with the latest API 650, API 620, NFPA, AWWA D100, ANSI B96.1, IS 803 and ASME code requirements.

  • Complete Terminal Design & Installation
  • Storage Tanks Site Fabrication & Erection
  • Foundations, Civil, Building & Piling works
  • Piping Network & Matrix Manifolds Pipelines
  • Structural Fabrication and Installation
  • Gantries/ Loading Unloading Bays
  • Electrical / Instrumentation/ Control & Automation
  • Blasting and Painting (Internal and External)
  • Mechanical Services (valves, mixers & pumps)
  • Aluminum/ Steel Domes and Floating Roofs
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Fire Protection & Gas Detection System

Tank Repair & Maintenance Services:
  • Cone Roof, Dome and Structure Replacements
  • Floating Roof Seals
  • Bottom Replacement or Patches
  • Double Bottoms
  • Shell Replacements
  • Thickened Inserts
  • Shell Man-ways, Cleanouts and Nozzles
  • Wind Girders
  • Roof Replacement or Patches
  • Roof Structures
  • Roof Man-ways, Vents and Nozzles
  • Fire Foam Systems
  • Gauge Poles and Ladders
  • Geodesic Dome Installations